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Wynwood Corner

2734 NW 1st Avenue, Wynwood Miami



This modest two-story office retail building is proposed for the intersection of NW 1st Avenue and NW 28th street. This building is under 10,000 square feet in size and because of the progressive City of Miami Building code is exempt from having to provide parking on site. This allows our proposal to be an excellent urban addition: one that offers a continuous sidewalk along its entire frontage while encouraging others to follow suit.  


This building embraces the spirit of the modest utilitarian buildings that established Wynwood’s character: rugged work-a-day warehouses made of simple concrete structures. Our proposal presents to the street exposed concrete walls – pure structure for all to see. On the inside, we present concrete pre-cast joists with ground face cmu block and exposed concrete. By exhibiting these materials in an honest humble fashion our proposal confers value and maintains continuity with Wynwood’s original building stock.  


While the structure of our proposal embraces the language of the early Wynwood warehouses, our generously glazed street facades and roof deck celebrate the current dynamic spirit of Wynwood. The street facades celebrate Wynwood’s energetic spirit by connecting the building interior with the life of the street.  This is accomplished by five monumental glazed openings composed of two 17’-0” tall and 11’-4” wide windows set within a 38’-8” tall illuminated metal frame (four on NW 1st Avenue and one on NW 28th street). In addition, the corner is angled to create a covered welcoming plaza. The roof deck enhances the life of the street by animating this corner with outdoor activities. Art is planned for the two building entrances, one on NW 1st Avenue and one on NW 28th to further connect our proposal with the dynamic street art that has made Wynwood world renowned.



"Does Wynwood really need more office and retail space?" This developer thinks so. By Rebecca San Juan, Miami Herald, December 19, 2019

Project Team

Jason R. Chandler, A.I.A., Zalmy Meyer

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering: Franyie Engineering Inc.

Structural Engineering: De Los Reyes Engineering Inc.   

Civil Engineering: Zamora and Associates, Inc.


Zalmy Meyer

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